Silhouette Wine Storage - SR001

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Would you leave an original Rembrandt in your basement to collect dust where no one could see it? Then why store a bottle of Chateau Lafite or any of your most prized wine in a place that goes unnoticed. Our contemporary wine display showcases each and every bottle from the outside. Named after the late French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the Silhouette Renoir is the industry’s first solid-state wine display with looks rivalling that of the world’s most beautiful works of art. Don’t just collect wine; showcase your collection with a functional wall-mounted display.*

Width 71.40 cm 28.125 "
Depth 24.00 cm 9.43 "
Height 208.40 cm 82.065 "
Bottle Capacity 30 (750mL)
Temperature Range
Temperature Low: 12.2 °C High: 17.2 °C
Shipping Details
Shipping Depth 38.10 cm 15 6/16 "
Shipping Width 78.70 cm 31 2/16 "
Shipping Height 221.00 cm 87 "
Shipping Weight 129.70 kg 286 lbs

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