40" Elica Illusion Design Fabrizio Crisa Ceiling Mounted Range Hood In Metal White With White frame- EIL640WH

40" Elica Illusion Design Fabrizio Crisa Ceiling Mounted Range Hood In Stainless Steel With Stainless Steel Frame - EIL640DW

40" Elica Illusion Design Fabrizio Crisa Ceiling Mounted Range Hood In Metal White With White frame- EIL640WH

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Product Benefits

Special Material

In the quest for attractive products to show off but which have a functional, everyday use, materials play a key role. They can make the difference by becoming an attractive signature feature or by disappearing into the background and by being easy to maintain in the long term. They are fundamental in the process of innovation, forming the basis of an attractive look and a fulfilling user experience. Elica selects materials in which sturdiness, easy cleaning and aesthetic impact are combined in a perfect balance. The wide selection of finishes available offers maximum freedom of choice whatever the setting.

Dim Light

The light in the kitchen, as in any room, is a key design feature for improving the home living experience. Achieving the right intensity becomes fundamental in creating the desired atmosphere. Which is why Elica has designed the Dim light function which allows you to adjust the intensity of your extraction hood light with a simple control. Maximum light for the best visibility on the worktop or dimmed when relaxing.

Remote Control

Elica’s ADA compliant Remote Control, provides added convenience to the typical user, as well as, full function access for those with limited mobility.

Smart Installation

The Smart Installation Plus, has been designed to make the installation of a hood easier; in case the hood is wall mounted, through an adjustment of the appliance alignment between the cabinets; if the hood is built-in mounted, through well explained.

Top Performance

Excellent performance for models equipped with this plus. High fume capturing capacity with an average aspiration range of 600 CFM's. with low noise levels, 1.2 - 1.7 sones at working speed.


Elica is at the top also with the customization of kitchen lighting, thanks to the use of the led strip with the GK Changing feature which, during the installation phase, allows you to choose to adapt the hood light with other lighting in the kitchen, by adjusting the temperature of leds, choosing from a range that goes from yellow light (2700 K) to white light (6000 K). The kitchen, thanks to the hood, will have uniform cool lightning.

Technical features

The first hood that totally disappears in the ceiling, perfectly fitting the ceiling texture of the living space. Created to be totally integrated in the living architecture, disappearing like a true illusion in the room ceiling. Illusion naturally saves valuable kitchen space and frees the area of inconvenient obstructions cleverly hiding a powerful extraction system that guarantees always clean air in the living space. Combining discreet shapes and high performance, Illusion has been created for consumers who ask for an essential and bespoked style without compromises on functionality.  

Extraction capacity600 CFM

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